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Augh it’s knots midnight and I need sleep!

But I wanna keep working on Mink! I got one dread completely finished and really wanna keep going and see what the final product is gonna look like. And then I gotta remake the headband so it’s actually yknow secure. And finish the coat little bits and try a different method for the fringe I don’t like what it is now but it was so last minute for ACEN I would’ve cried. Oh wait no I did cry

Now I’ve got two weeks for that one costume, maybe making a skirt for Velma if I feel like it but that’s simple so maybe??? Or I’ll just be hungover sleep deprived trash Sunday morning. It’s all cool

Yup I’ve got Mink all Friday, GB Makoto Saturday morning I’m thinking, Maid Mink later in the day, and Sunday idk man Velma or even more Mink trash XD I think Ramencon is pretty much Minkcon for me

I’ve got yet another pinched nerve in my lower back and oh look I can barely walk. Even my dad noticed when I limped by

God it sucks so much and hurts and no matter how much stretching I do or twisting and contorting, it still fucking hurts!

Whelp mum and I got our asses kicked by a bunch of boxes at ikea today and struggled getting them all in the car… It ended with me being squished into the front seat, the seat pushed as far forward it could go and then tilted forward. I was stuck in a hunch for 40 minutes and still managed to doze off!

I should prolly go do more laundry before I take a nap…and start sorting through all my crap, preemtively getting all my stuff together for a soon to be move hopefully! Like within the next month or two, like moved out and mostly settled by the end of October!

I should prolly get up and shower cuz I smell and get ready for the day cuz I think mum wanted to go to ikea and I’m all for that!

Hmm yea instead of falling asleep while I type this I should get up, do my workout, make some tea to wake my ass up and shower while screaming here I am world I have arrived!

You can blame sleep deprivation for that. I didn’t get to bed until like four in the morning for some god awful reason. I didn’t have any caffeine either!

So it sounds like a jäger party is in my future! And hell yea I’m gonna wear my Titan Eren jäger shirt to the party! And were gonn make jäger bacon and take shots and I’m gonna make jäger cupcakes and maybe burgers with. Jäger glaze. Just jäger everything!

Oops working on cosplay while drinking…

Oops crying over LOTR and the Hobbit at the same time

But I’m almost done putting the base braids in my new Mink wig!