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Oh look here comes the shitty worthless feelings again? Sure why not it’s not like I’m trying to sleep or anything

In the end I only got half my back combed mess turned into dreads before I took a nap and got sick. But my pipe is done at least! And I got my fingerless gloves today, couldn’t find a white belt that fits me but at this point it’s just a small detail

So I did wake up with the pathetic thing called the alarm I had set, was too comfy and went back to sleep and woke up a few minutes ago with just enough time to sprint to the bathroom still half asleep and throw up

Where the fuck that came from I have no clue I felt fine earlier okay I felt a little sick when I first laid down. I wonder what it was maybe that drink was bad? Or some bad food? But it was only until I got home I started eating

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sure let me lose focus in my eyesight when im working on dreads. burning myself and just ugh i can barely see what im dong anymore!

i kinda wanna just take a nap and let this pass and then wake up and work until maybe 1 or 2 ijn the morning. stupd i know but i can work like that and be mostly fine the next morning as long as i got caffeine

you’d think i would learn to wear my contacts while working with my steamer for dreads but nah i guess not. since it is 9:30 at night

ut maybe ill show up at work with green or blue eyes tomorrow! or purple!